Our President, Steve Robinson, was selected this week as one of "Construction's Most Influential People 2024" by SiteNews. This inaugural award set out to recognize those who were making a difference in Canadian Construction.

"While many in the construction sector lament the lack of innovation, few have the guts to all-in and invest in it. Robinson is not one of those people. He is passionate about new ideas and finding ways to be innovative in an ever-changing industry. He has pushed his company, Pitt Meadows Plumbing & Mechanical Systems to embrace cutting-edge innovation, including BIM, robotics, prefabrication and more. Rather than keep those lessons to himself, his company has invited the public and industry into its operations through its Future of Work events." SiteNews

"Thank-you to SiteNews for the honour of being named one of "Construction's Most Influential People 2024". This absolutely is due to the team of people we have built at Pitt Meadows Plumbing as it allows me the opportunity to continue to advocate for change in our industry, especially as it pertains to attracting the next generation to construction.

The solution to the skilled trades shortage will require a multi-faceted solution, and it's crucial for all of us in construction to work together to solve this. It will involve at times waving the flag to decision makers but it also means you have to be prepared to always offer solutions to the problems." - Steve Robinson


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